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1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 The Yeovil Open Singles League is a new league competition, successfully piloted in 2023, which

is open to players of any standard. It is a collaboration between Yeovil Table Tennis Club, Yeovil

and District Table Tennis League, and Somerset County Table Tennis Association. It aims to be a

flexible competition for any player that would like to keep playing over the summer. This

information sheet gives you all the important details about the League. Registration is now open

for the 2024 series that runs every 3 weeks from the 15 May to 4 September 2024.

1.1.2 You can register at any time for Yeovil Open Singles League, even after the start of the series. All

match sessions will be played at Yeovil Table Tennis Club (Westlands Sport and Fitness

Centre, Westbourne Close, Yeovil BA20 2DD) and will normally be held every three weeks on

Wednesday evenings. There are six match sessions available for each registered player running

from 15 May until 4 September 2023. The League is totally flexible: if you are unable to make it

on one or more weeks it is not a problem.

1.1.3 The league is based on a purpose-built rating system. This enables players to see where they are

placed against all other registered participants. It also ensures that players are matched against

other players of similar standard in similar standard groups during match sessions.

1.2 Match Evenings

1.2.1 Play starts at 7.15pm sharp and we aim to finish by 9.45pm. The scheduled match evenings are:

• Wednesday 15May

• Wednesday 5 June

• Wednesday 26 June

• Wednesday 17 July

• Wednesday 7 August

• Wednesday 4 September

1.3 Registration

1.3.1 The League is open to players from any area at ANY level and ANY age. All players are welcome,

and players enter as individuals and not as part of a team. You can qualify for prizes at the end of

the season if you have played at least 50% of the match sessions. You can register by completing

the simple online form and paying your registration fee.

1.3.2 Registration fees are as shown below. The fees cover play for the full series of 6 match days:

Registration Fees £22 (Senior) £10 (Junior)

1.3.3 Juniors are those born on or after 31 December 2005.

1.3.4 You can register online by clicking here.

1.3.5 Payment by bank transfer is required and should be referenced ‘YOSL’ with the player’s full name

OR first initial and surname (ie: YOSL SJoel or YOSL SteveJoel).

The Yeovil Table Tennis Club Bank

details are Sort code: 30-18-16 Acc. No: 23005468.

1.3.6 Once we receive your completed registration form, we will send you an acknowledgement email

reserving your place.

1.3.7 To be included in the 1st match day taking place on the 15 May, you must register and pay your

full registration fee by 6pm on Sunday 28 April 2024.

1.4 Match Date Confirmation

1.4.1 One week before each match session you will receive a circular (via email) asking you whether

you wish to compete on the forthcoming Wednesday match date, or not. It is important to reply

to this message as soon as you have decided whether you will be playing. If any of the sessions

are over-subscribed, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis each time. Details

of the groups and matches, organised based on ranking of each player, are issued on the Monday

ahead of Wednesday.

1.4.2 At the end of the series, prizes will be awarded based on overall performance and progress

during the series.

1.5 Playing Format

1.5.1 Normally groups of either 4 or 6 players will be determined based on known playing strength. The

initial groupings will be based on the ratings determined by the Organiser.

1.5.2 During each match session you will play three singles matches against other players in your group.

Each match will consist of best of five games, played according to normal rules. All matches you

win will contribute to your overall position in the league as well as the results at the end of the


1.6 Ranking System Points Exchange

1.6.1 The table below provides an indication of the points exchanged based on the difference between

the Ratings of the players. The actual points exchange is calculated accurately to 1 decimal point

using a logarithm for each individual match.

1.6.2 An expected win/loss is where the Higher Rated player wins. An unexpected win/loss is where

the Lower Rated player wins.

Points Difference Expected Win Expected Loss Unexpected Win Unexpected Loss

0 > 14 10 -10 10 -10

15 > 40 9 -9 11 -11

41 > 68 8 -8 12 -12

69 > 96 7 -7 13 -13

97 > 128 6 -6 14 -14


Points Difference Expected Win Expected Loss Unexpected Win Unexpected Loss

129 > 163 5 -5 15 -15

164 > 204 4 -4 16 -16

205 >256 3 -3 17 -17

257 > 332 2 -2 18 -18

333 > 492 1 -1 19 -19

493 + 0 0 20 -20


1.7 The Small Print

• The decision of the Competition Organiser is final on all matters.

• Payment of the registration fee must be made at the time of registering.

• All players are expected to help set up and pack away the tables, surrounds and chairs. Players

are expected to arrive by 7pm to help us do this.

• In the interests of keeping this as a fast-moving competition with play finishing promptly, we

request the following from all players:

o Play must be continuous.

o “Knock up” time before each match must be limited to 2 minutes.

o Players will be scheduled to umpire other group matches.

o Players must notify us before each match session if they wish to play that week. If a

player does not tell us, a place will not be guaranteed.

o If a player notifies us that they will be playing and then fail to appear, they may have

points deducted as an expected or unexpected loss and may have their registration

suspended for the remainder of the series.

o Players must be ready to play at 7.15pm, and must arrive by 7pm. If players are delayed on

the day, we may allow a late arrival if the player notifies the organiser by text/voice mail

before the scheduled start.


1.8 Questions & Answers

1.8.1 Q. Isthis competition rightfor my level?

A. Probably! We are happy to accept players of every standard. We shall place players in groups

according to their level

1.8.2 Q. How will you decide which group Ishall beplaying in?

A. Your starting position will depend on our assessment of your playing level. We shall base this on

information we have available.

1.8.3 Q. If I miss a week ortwo will I have to startfrom the bottom?

A. No. When you return you will be based in a group appropriate to your earlier results and other

information about your playing strength.

1.8.4 Q.How many groups willthere be each time?

A. We will normally have a maximum of 6 groups of 6 players per group. However, group numbers

and sizes may be amended depending on the final number of registered players and the numbers

wishing to play on each match evening.

1.8.5 Q. When will I be able to check the results after each match day?

A. We will be aiming to circulate the results by email the day after each match day.

1.8.6 Q. Doesthe Open Singles League qualify for ranking points?

A. We will be using our own ranking system specially developed for this competition, but it is not

currently linked with the Table Tennis England national ranking scheme.

1.8.7 Q. Do I need a Club or TTE Membership to enter this competition?

A. No you don’t. Just register, pay your registration fee, and we will email you to ahead of each

match evening so you can tell us if you would like to play.

1.9 Further Information

1.9.1 If you have any other questions, please contact Steve Joel, Competition Organiser, by email or

phone at - or 07523 067716.

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