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                   Junior Coaching

Calling all kids! Come and join our exciting junior table tennis lessons at Westlands Sports Centre, Yeovil. Our introductory coaching sessions will help you to learn all the skills you need to enjoy a great game of table tennis.


Reserve your spot today! Enquire here.


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Over the years coaching has taken place at Westlands which means a number of players currently playing in the league and supporting the tournament have originated from those earlier coaching sessions and as such they need to continue to ensure the future of the league










Coaching at our new venue will enhance the chances of continuing and improving The League and it's Players for the future.










For a league to survive you need to improve players of all ages so that they gain the extra performance they are capable of. Being better at table tennis does not diminish the fun you get from the sport, used correctly it should enhance your enjoyment. As a league we need to sustain the numbers of players and then grow the numbers.










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